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About Us:

We are the BIGGEST Latino platform dedicated to the Grand Strand. Latinos in Myrtle Beach was created to help Latino Business owners spread the word about their business. We inform, educate, and connect with the growing hispanic community of the Grand Strand.


Now we have grown to not only locals, but other "Latinos" who have taken interest in Myrtle Beach. People who want to visit, request information or ask for recommendations on what to do or visit when they come to our city.  


Because of our reach, services and results, we now have NON-Latino business owners and brands that have reached out to us for help promoting them to our Latino followers.


We have an online radio, produce video commercials in spanish, free app, very active on social media, we even have a vodcast where we interview professionals from the Grand Strand to keep our community informed about services, or products they may need.


Latinos in Myrtle Beach will definitely help with your marketing in spanish at a very affordable price!

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